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Poster Designs

By: Garrett Trenholm

range paper.png

"Range Paper"

Shooting range paper design but make it artsy.

syre poster.png


Concept art for Jaden Smith.

terrazip poster font resize.png


A poster to announce my free textures.

vintage poster ad.jpg

"Terra2k Vintage Shirts"

Ad post for my personal brand Terra2k.

print design.jpg

"Jack of All, Master of None"

First digital art/print design.

off white retro ad v2.png

"Retro Off-White Poster"

Vintage style Off-White poster concept.

sleep log 1.1.png

"Sleep Log"

I sleep better now, shoutout meditation.

melatonin 1.2 scale down.jpg


Melatonin poster.


"Terra Effect"

Ink bleed & texture tests.

analog poster good no riop.png


Nothing feels real anymore.

scream airbrush edit post good v.png


Chrome/Airbrush testing.

aphex poster done kinda idk.png

"Aphex Twin"

Split poster test.

revenge poster gratt fixed slice.jpg


Conceptual Revenge poster art.

revamped terra poster.jpg


My first post on Instagram.

toxic poster.jpg


I predicted 2020.

Dreamnights final version resize.jpg


Event poster for Dreamnights London.

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